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Gutter & Fascia Cleaning

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Cleaning And Moving Pro offer a gutter cleaning and repair service in Galway / Dublin and surrounding. Our gutter cleaning service helps prevent and protect the Bricks, mortar and eaves from water damage and in time will save you money. Homes and business premises that don’t have gutter cleaning will get blockages and this will cause the gutters to overflow. When gutters are full of leaves and debris they become heavy and get pulled off pitch. This can result in damage to the fascia and soffit areas. As water overflows it leaks behind the gutter and can travel into your home damaging walls and timber. So why not fix it before it gets worse and call out our trained staff and get your gutters functioning properly.It is recommended that you have your gutters cleaned once a year. Although some properties may need it more regular.Let professionals give you peace of mind when dealing with your gutters or roof problems.

Indicative pricing for gutter clearing/cleaning on standard two story properties is shown below – subject to inspection.

Two/Three bedroom Properties – Upper Gutters Front and Rear – €50

Three/Four bedroom Properties – Upper Gutters Front, Side and Rear – €80

Four/Five bedroom detached properties Upper Gutters – Four sides – €99

Lower Gutters are charged at €10 per three metre length

PVC Gable End Soffits and Bargeboards –€2.50 per Metre

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