Food Processing and Manufacturing Cleaning Galway / Dublin. Our dedicated, trained professionals committed to ensuring safe work environment for the food industry.-CLEANING AND MOVING PRO

Food Processing and Manufacturing Cleaning

Galway & Dublin Manufacturing Cleaning
Cleaning And Moving Pro offers specialized services for industrial and food plant sanitation. Our dedicated, trained professionals committed to ensuring safe work environment for the food industry. 
We offer flexible appointments to meet your schedule, and are available to discuss your options any time of the day or night.
Our cleaning service include?
High level cleaning, bin store cleaning, production line cleaning, kitchen deep cleans, floor de-greasing, Internal walls, ceilings, lights, windows, machinery,  backrooms & warehouses, staff rooms & staff kitchens, stockrooms, staff toilets, etc..
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Additional services for the Manufacturing Sector
We provide extra cleaning services such Infection control and prevention, washroom consumables, carpet shampooing or window washing, specialized floor cleaning, feminine care, pest control, handyman services, specialized computer and telephone cleaning etc.. No matter the size of the building, we've got it covered. Our timings are flexible and we can come in before your staff arrive or clean up when they all leave at the end of the day.
Support Services
Our Professional Manufacturing Cleaners in Galway & Dublin
All of our workers are expertly picked and vetted, always do their jobs in a diligent, professional and timely manner. Our staff work in company uniforms and carry ID badges at all times. You can also rest assured that all our cleaners have attended training that includes health and safety.
If you have any kind of cleaning job that you think, CLEANING AND MOVING PRO can help with, please do send us an email back or arrange a free on-site assessment.

Cleaning And Moving Pro fully insured, guaranteed, trustworthy and reliable cleaning company so you can have peace of mind when we are working for you.

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